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When considering a photo booth rental company to provide a photo booth for your wedding, there are many factors to consider. In this blog, we attempt to disspell some of the more common misconceptions about party and event rentals and, specifically, photo booths.

Aren’t all photo both rental companies the same? I mean, a photo booth is a photo booth, right?
Wrong. it’s important to ensure that the photo booth company that you select for your event not only maintains and keeps up their equipment (which is more than a simple camera and printer, by the way), but also provides service on the equipment as promised.

But it’s cheaper to just have the company drop off the equipment and pick it up later. Isn’t that just as good?
No. Our packages include not only the photo booth itself, but also a specialized and highly trained and experienced technician who will operate the equipment. This is beneficial for you and for us: Imagine a photo booth rental company leaves the booth with you and picks it up at the end of your event. But during your wedding, party, etc., an accident occurs which damages the photo booth. According to many photo both company’s contracts, you will be liable for the equipment damage and repair. By having our attendant present during your event, we can ensure that everything is working properly with the booth, and protect against and damage that may occur otherwise.

All companies seem to promise the same service, so how do I choose?

  • An upstanding company should be able to offer you a guarantee with both the equipment and the service. Be cautious of a photo booth company that does not require a signed contract. The contract is meant to protect the customer and the photo booth provider.
  • Be sure to ask to see the specific photo booth that the company will be providing for your wedding or event. “Bait and switch” is a common practice among less reputable companies, and you want to be sure of what you are agreeing to.
  • Ask for referrals or testimonials. Any photo booth company with a strong reputation should be able to provide you with references to offer you peace of mind.

Above all, when searching for a photo booth for your event, be sure to consider carefully these aspects of the decision making process, and do your homework. Making a wise, informed decision with regard to your photo booth rental will pay off greatly as you enjoy your special day WITHOUT any headaches, concerns or stress around the photo booth.

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