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The photo booth experience is not complete without the props! Props are a great addition to any occasion! All of our packages includes props and each package something for everyone!…Boas, over-sized sunglasses, fun hats, masquerade masks, bunny ears, and more!

For those who are crafty and looking for great complementary props, look no further! There are creative and inexpensive ways to make props right at home! All you need is just a few materials to make your photo booth experience a little more personal and unique.

Empty picture frames – large, medium, or small – are great because you can buy them at any discount department store, and they come in all different styles. Stores like Target, Walmart, HomeGoods, etc. give you a whole array of sizes, styles, and colors. You can paint the frames, write clever sayings, and customize them to fit your personality.

Signs are as easy as 1, 2, 3! Foam board is the answer! Cut out shapes like speech bubbles, arrows, hearts, stars, etc., and write or print and paste an inside joke or a clever saying on the foam board. Be creative! The ideas are endless! Another great idea is picking up a chalk board or dry-erase board from your closest discount department store, and you and your guests can write and erase all night!

Create clever masks out of colored construction paper, or find online images to glue right onto a wooden skewer. Ideas such as mustaches, beards, lips, funky glasses, pipes, top-hats, bow ties, etc., are great additions that are fun and out of the ordinary. And what about the important guests’ that can’t make it to the party? Don’t hesitate! Print a picture out of their face, glue it onto some construction paper (or foam board), and glue it to a wooden skewer or paint stick. Not only are these ideas personal, but they are great party favors for your guests’ to take home at the end of the night!   

Additionally, visit websites like or for more great and creative ideas!


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